Arlington Lawncare, Inc.

Striping Services

Quality striping is the final important element to any newly paved or seal coated surface. Most likely, the first impression of your business is your parking lot. It is imperative that your parking space is laid out efficiently and that local and ADA (American Disabilities Act) ordinances are followed. Any deviations from either can result in accidents or fines

  • Re-stripe
  • Add or remove existing spaces
  • Redesign old layouts
  • Add stencil work
  • Help comply to local and ADA ordinances

Prior to any application of traffic paint, the surface will be cleaned of all debris.
If new layouts are being striped, all necessary markings will be properly chalked out, and accurately measured. In regards to re-striping all existing lines will be located and restriped accordingly.

  • Handicap Symbols
  • No Parking
  • Fire Zones
  • Arrows
  • Numbering Systems
  • Left & Right turn only

And many more. Call our office with your inquiry

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